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8 Orlando. From the trailhead at mile 39 Chena Hot Springs Road, the route rises from boggy lowlands to eventually leave the forest behind for the Plain of Monuments. 7 Los Angeles. You can bring a plant and berry identification guide to be certain before you eat any. Wildlife is everywhere - animals add the wild touch. Tethering animals within 100 feet of fresh water and loose herding are prohibited. Maybe even dangerous? Groups using ten or more animals must obtain a park use permit. Had an awesome time! The best road-accessible grayling water on the Chena system can be found about 50 miles out of Fairbanks on the Chena Hot Springs Road. Overfishing in the 1970s nearly depleted these waters, and officials are determined to preserve this aspect of the park. ● Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Ice fishing and snowmobiling tours in Fairbanks and North Pole in Interior Alaska. Sometimes, ADF&G personnel will even be on site to answer questions. Grayling Fishing Should Be On Your Bucket List As visitors to Fairbanks from Florida, my wife, Laura, and I chartered a full day float of the Chena River. By the 1960s, shortly after Alaska became a state, people began to fear that all of Fairbanks' wild lands would be covered with concrete and condos. As the ice forms try and find deep holes and throw out a chunk of whitefish or lamprey. Please visit Alaska Department of Fish and Games Moose safety. The North Fork of the Chena River is much narrower than the Main Fork down river. We have many rivers in Whacking Fatties. Fishing opportunities around Fairbanks and Alaska’s Interior simply gets overshadowed by an endless array of Alaska’s coastal fisheries which indeed offer world-class fishing and dramatic scenery. The put in location of the 4th Bridge is also the Angel Rocks Trailhead. Chena River is a stream located just 4.7 miles from Ester, in Fairbanks North Star Borough, in the state of Alaska, United States, near Broadmoor, AK. In 1905, just four years after Fairbanks was founded, Thomas and Robert Swan paddled a canoe up the Chena River. They can injure visitors, create trash, disturb wildlife and cause wildfires. When skiing the loops, be sure to ski in a clockwise direction as indicated on the accompanying map. The gradient lessens closer to Fairbanks. Crafts typically used are canoes, kayaks, rafts, and riverboats. It was so refreshing not to jostle for position among hundreds of frantic shoreline anglers crowding in to ambush approaching salmon. Off-road vehicles are permitted on trails designated for their use. The spring-fed Chena River runs right through downtown Fairbanks and is a Class II river with many interesting features along its length. Trophy pike are becoming the latest rage, and Alaska has tons of places where pressure on pike remains minimal. Can I hunt or fish in the recreation area? Visit our permit page for more information. Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs Trail Handout, Chena Dome Trail Are there fees to park? Numerous river access roads and four bridges that cross the river allow many choices for float trips. Widening even more as it nears town, the Chena shoots through downtown Fairbanks before finally emptying into the Tanana River. Because there are so many moose in the area, always be alert when driving - one could jump out onto the road at any time. Chena Lake is stocked annually by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with Rainbow Trout, Silver Salmon, and Arctic Char. Class II River: On their journey they encountered miraculous hot springs that cured Robert Swan's rheumatism. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar. Chena River offers some of the best grayling fishing in the world, thanks in part to conservation regulations that now include mandatory catch-and-release within the Chena River system. Kenai River. Not everyone can prove they’ve actually been to the North Pole; North Pole, Alaska that is. Groups ranging from the Fairbanks Garden Club to the Tanana Valley Sportsmen Association and the Alaska Conservation Society asked Alaska legislators to save some of the wilderness close to town. *MY FIRST 4K UPLOAD! January 26, 2018 • 2010 • 2011 • Arctic Grayling • Chena River • Moose • Single Day Fishing. The vehicles are a popular way to reach the public use cabins, which are available for rent all year long. Explore the Chena River . ● Campsites must be occupied the first night after camping equipment is set up or a vehicle is parked in the campsite. Facilities include campgrounds, hiking, ATV, … Anchorage, AK 99501 Length: 15 miles Loggers quickly learned about the forested lands between town and the hot springs. Some riders invest in special rims for winter riding. "Christmas in Ice" usually opens Thanksgiving weekend and is right next door. Where can I cut a Christmas tree in the recreation area? The river is … Fishing. The first cabin is at mile 3.6 and the second is at mile 6.8. Some campsites are reservable ahead of time through and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, Floaters may expect many obstacles and hazards along this section. Beginning skijorers frequent the closer cabins, and often ski the more difficult terrain after leaving their dog-hauled gear at the cabin. Discovering pristine rivers and forests teeming with wildlife in an unspoiled landscape becomes a memorable experience for nearly every fly-out angler. The river’s upper regions also happen to feature spectacular grayling fishing. Renewable fisheries in the lake are courtesy of Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), which stocks the lake with rainbow trout, silver salmon and Arctic char. Periods of rain may create high water that will increase the river's flow velocity. The multiple day wilderness option offered by Marina Air comes with lakeside accommodations in the form of small cabins and a ready motorboat. Several species of diving and dabbling ducks also nest or feed in the area. Chena Hot Springs Road parallels the river, providing boaters and anglers plenty of entry and exit points from choose from. Health-seekers were not the only Alaskans drawn to the area. West Fork Chena River is a stream located just 40.2 miles from North Pole, in Fairbanks North Star Borough, in the state of Alaska, United States, near Chena Hot Springs, AK. ● In developed campgrounds, camping is permitted only at a developed campsite. The Chena River supports populations of many fish species, including Arctic grayling, burbot, chum salmon, humpback whitefish, king salmon, least cisco, longnose suckers, northern pike, round whitefish, and sheefish. The city has plenty of interesting ventures such as the University of Alaska’s Museum of the North, Tanana Valley Farmers Market, Pioneer Park, Riverboat Discovery tours and a slew of great dining spots. Fairbanks radiates a rich sense of history, tradition and wilderness adventure, which can enhance any angler’s journey as they prepare to tackle the rugged Interior in pursuit of Alaska’s bountiful sport fish. When the ice melts, they go into a feeding frenzy on the abundant spring insects that live along the Chena River. When the fish tries to swim, let it go. Admittedly, Alaska’s coastal region generates some of the world’s best fishing, with which few places can compare. Floating the clear-running Chena River is a popular activity in Chena River State Recreation Area. Avoid removing the fish from the water. No Salmon fishing - not even catch and release. Aaron Has been fishing the Gulkana and Klutina river for king and red salmon since 2012 and knows every inch of those rivers intimately! Typical setups of egg masses and divers or even stationary crankbaits spinning in the current remain the norm for Chena River salmon anglers. 11 AAC 12.170 Posted speed limits and parking regulations are enforced for your safety. Other Fishing Reports for Fairbanks . 2 New York City. Only a one star day. The Stiles Creek trail, a year-round ridge trail, provides opportunities for multiple use when it comes to choosing your mode of travel -- mountain bikes, all-terrain-vehicles, horses or hiking. Can I pick berries in the recreation area? Leashes are not required in other areas, but pets should be kept under control at all times. ● Horses, mules, burros, and llamas are allowed except when on the Granite Tors Trail. Chena Hotsprings Road. Chena Lake features modern amenities such as restrooms, campgrounds, picnic areas, plenty of parking and a swimming beach. Active duty military personnel permanently stationed in the state, who do not qualify as residents, may obtain a special nonresident fishing license at a reduced cost. However, several ponds along Chena Hot Springs Road are stocked with rainbow trout … Snowshoeing is a great way to follow animal tracks. ✔Don't give up if the fish doesn't regain consciousness. The Best Western PLUS Chena River Lodge is located approximately 3 miles from Fairbanks International Airport and the Alaska Train Station. There are also plants such as cow parsnip and devils club that can be rather unpleasant when encountered. For more information about visiting Fairbanks, please visit our Fairbanks pages and contact Explore Fairbanks. Angry birds ... the Klamath River was home to the third largest run of Chinook salmon in the continental United States. ✔Overly large hooks can damage mouth or eyes. Several kinds of warblers, chickadees, sparrows, and thrushes (including the familiar red-breasted robin) raise babies here on the abundant insect populations. The Chatanika is located 20 miles northwest of Fairbanks. Let us make your travels as hassle-free as possible. Hiking Time: 10 hours Copper River Basin Salmon Fishing – Central Alaska Our goal is to pass on our passion for catching giant Copper River King (Chinook) and Red (Sockeye) salmon. Crafts typically used are canoes, kayaks, rafts, and riverboats. Don't miss out on the many opportunities available. Floating the clear-running Chena River is a popular activity in Chena River State Recreation Area. One tip for winter riding is gluing tires to the rims, using tire glue available at local bike shops. Select boat launch and walk-in locations: Chena Small Tracts Rd, Peger Rd, University Ave Campground, Graehl Landing, Nordale Rd, and Moose Creek Dam. "If you can get above the timberline and hike across the tundra, there are many magnificent views," says Rex Blazer, a longtime northern Alaskan environmentalist. The Alaska Legislature helped meet this challenge in 1975, designating an additional 240,000 acres for the recreation area. We are the most accessible and developed hot spring resort in Alaska’s Interior. Anglers willing to slow troll around the lake seem to have great success on trout and salmon. No, only non-motorized/non-electrical tools may be used for recreational gold panning. During July, anglers intersect the annual run of Chena River king salmon, but only fish below the Chena River Dam may be targeted. It is suggested to keep your dog leashed/under control as all times to limit risk. ice depth in this area is 2 to 6 inches. Downstream of the Chena River Dam, king salmon season is open through July, and anglers catch decent numbers of kings on this section of the river. The Chena River is used for recreational fishing and boating. River Hazards: Silvers and chums average 5- to 10 pounds with bigger fish present at times. Alaska's wild lands were rapidly being tamed. The most common mishaps on the river arise when crafts are carried into sweepers or log jams, causing the boats to capsize. Hiking Time: 6 to 10 hours Boats are allowed on the Chena River. Many people use set lines and check them every 24 hours. Floaters may expect many obstacles and hazards along this section. The "thing" quickly … What should I have with me when I go hiking? Casting for sport or for dinner, river pools and roadside ponds keep luring anglers. Fishing Licenses for Active Duty Military. However, the Alaska Interior carries its own appeal, with an endless sea of evergreen forests and vast wilderness. In early summer, once the river ice is entirely melted, the grayling usually come near the surface to feed on insects. Where can I ride my bike? So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to West Fork Chena River. More Conservation. Bicycles are allowed only in campgrounds and in the following areas: Chena Dome Hiking Trail, Mastadon Trail, picnic areas and trails designated as open to off-road vehicles. Can I bring my pet? The fish’s unique appearance, along with its intolerance for pollution, have distinguished the grayling as a symbol of wilderness. Pike are present up and down the Chena, too, although most anglers target them in the backwater sloughs or tributary mouths along the river’s lower end. 5 Washington, DC. High water also increases the river's difficulty rating. More adventurous skijorers tackle the toughest terrain the park has to offer, enjoying the bond that the challenge brings between them and their dogs. An interesting side venture for anglers and/or their families is the Chena River Dam at the far end of the recreation area where the ADF&G conducts annual salmon counts. The Chena River is rated as Class II on the international scale of river difficulty. Predators such as lynx and owls are quite common when there are high populations of hares and voles. Wildlife in Chena River State Recreation Area ranges from small animals like the squirrel, willow grouse and beaver, to large animals like bear and moose. Chena River Salmon fishing is open from the mouth of the river to a marker located 300 feet downriver of the Moose Creek Dam (45 miles upriver). From Fairbanks, an easy way to get out and enjoy nature is to drive scenic Chena Hot Springs Road (56 miles long). ● Fireworks and explosives are prohibited. Running throughRiver Park, the Chena River offers fishing for northern pike, burbot, whitefish and a seasonal run of king salmon. Here, the most popular sport-fishing mecca in interior Alaska is without a doubt the Chena River. Wood that is both dead and lying on the ground may be gathered for use in campfires within the park. Easily accessible from Fairbanks, the Chena … The ski trailhead is at mile 30 of Chena Hot Springs Road. The regulations allow artificial, single hook lures only, no bait. Fly-out trips fromFairbanks seem very reasonably priced when compare to other Alaska destinations. Hills, sharp turns, and the narrow width of the trail could make two-way skiing dangerous. Check out all reviews and photos of Half Day River Fishing Float Trip Can I make reservations for a campsite? All refuse should be removed or placed in the litter containers provided. Favored by fly fishermen because of their willingness to take dry flies off the surface,ChenaRivergrayling will also attack spinners and small jigs. ● Campground quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Tanana Good. Because of the meandering nature of the river, the course has changed over time. * A quick little trip up to Alaskan Interior to visit a friend and fish for grayling! It bugs me when reviewers post reviews that conflate an attraction with some other place entirely. "The proximity of the recreation area to Fairbanks makes it feasible for day hikes and extended journeys alike," says Craig McKinnon, a Canadian who finds that the views "rival those of any other park." When do I need a permit? No wood can be gathered for personal use outside the park without a special use firewood permit. Handicap accessible. Chena river Subscribe to Receive Fishing Report Updates Rating - Good Use extreme caution! The Chena River also boasts a healthy salmon fishery. Hiking Time: 3 Days Sometimes a beaver will see you and smack the water with its tail. The Chena Hotsprings Road is a 56.5 mile/91 km highway. Although there have been very few incidents of negative human/wildlife encounters involving injuries to people, the park rangers warn visitors to keep their distance, especially from moose and bears. Bring your own supply of firewood. Nothing! Hiking tails include a 1 hour hike to Angel Rocks, a day hike to the Granite Tors or; a 3-day trip around the ridges of Angel Creek to Chena Dome. 2nd Bridge (MP 39.5) The tors were formed 70 million to 90 million years ago when molten rock pushed upward and cooled before reaching the surface. Yes, picnic shelters at Red Squirrel and Rosehip Campgrounds can be reserved by visiting, search Chena River State Recreation Area, select hourly reservations, select date/time and book reservation. Length: 25 miles round trip In the early 1900's, the area around the springs attracted a great deal of attention. Cutting live trees is considered disturbance of natural objects, see: 11AAC 12.170. Discouraged with his lack of success, Terrill pulled on his chest waders and wandered through the braided arms of the Chena River with fly rod in hand. These seasonal runs of fish historically... view article. In 1913, at the request of local residents, the U.S. War Department built a trail to the hot springs. voice) in the backcountry. Many of the park's visitors come from as far away as Anchorage to snowmachine. There is a combination for the gate and the cabin that will be sent with the reservation.This cabin has road access year-round. Book Half Day River Fishing Float Trip tickets from with best prices. All the rivers were high and pretty dirty, and the fishing was tough. Four cabins are located on trails three to seven miles from Chena Hot Springs Road. Park officials advise that people bringing firearms into the recreation area familiarize themselves with appropriate regulations. The legislators granted this request in 1967, designating 15,360 acres for the Chena River State Recreation Area. Moose are the most popular wildlife to try to spot, and are numerous in this area in the summer after mid-June. The put-in location of the 4th Bridge is also the Angel Rocks Trailhead. Piledriver Slough also has natural populations of Arctic grayling, northern pike and burbot, and is stocked with rainbow trout. Fee area. You should always carry the ten essentials when hiking in the backcountry. The Chena River is a 100-mile-long river that runs right down the center of Fairbanks, Alaska. Trophy grayling up to 18- to 20 inches can show up at any time on these waters, and grayling fishing remains good throughout the season. It is located at Mile 42.3 of the Chena Hot Springs Road just before Red Squirrel Campground. The river remains fairly easy going with many broad sections and narrower riffles. "It's better every year, and I think it will keep getting better," Krize said. This allows for running the tires at low pressure without damage to tires or valve stems. See: AAC 20.060 for the parks regulations on pets. During the winter they live in deep pools under the ice and don't feed much. To the casual eye, the Chena along this stretch looks like a classic Western freestoner—it’s pocked by riffles and runs, and downed birches and black spruces add character and depth to the stream. During legal hunting seasons (limited seasons, limited areas), The discharge of any weapon (firearm, bow, air rifle, slingshot, etc.) Absolutely everywhere I've gone this summer it has been or still was raining. But your guide is full of local knowledge, helping to locate the best fishing available on this 100-mile-long interior Alaskan river. Twin Bears Camp offers an exception to this norm. New trail development proposals at the Chena River State Recreation Area promise to provide even more areas for winter sport enthusiasts to enjoy. So, this rule is strictly enforced. Find out if an area is open to snowmobiles by visiting our current conditions page. Overshadowed by Alaska’s famous coastal fisheries, the Interior doesn’t get the respect it deserves within the sport-fishing realm. [3] During the winter months, it is also traveled by snowmachines and mushers (sled dogs). Although the Chena holds both Chinook and Chum salmon, the fishery for them does not match what outsiders picture when they think of Alaska salmon fishing. The waterway provided summer transportation to the hot springs and served as a route by which loggers could reach the timber, and logs could be transported into town. 9 Seattle. Any of the three pack plenty of power for light-tackle and fly-fishing enthusiasts. Length: 15 miles round trip Can I reserve a pavilion or Picnic Shelter? 1st Bridge (MP 37.8) to Rosehip (MP 27.0) Gradient: 5 feet/mile A boat launch/dock welcomes anglers wishing to bring their own vessels, while anglers without watercraft can rent small boats and canoes at the lakeside rental office. World War II and the Cold War made Alaska a strategic location for American military interests. The river flows from the Yukon-Tanana Uplands to its confluence with the Tanana River in Fairbanks. Are there any poisonous plants? "Knowing Eddie has lived in Alaska for most of his life and a natural entertainer, adventurer within fishing, site seeing and sharing his knowledge of the areas, you’re in good hands!" Free guest pickup from 8pm to 8:30pm. Several river access points are available. For heat and cooking in the summer species are most popular in little River... Of natural objects, see: AAC 20.060 for the presence in area! Restrooms, campgrounds, picnic areas and may not create excessive noise considered sport. As lynx and owls are quite common when there are no guarantees that these are. For extended trips carry extra food and to drink plenty of power for light-tackle fly-fishing! Seven miles from Chena Hot Springs winter trail, which begins at mile 3.6 and the River allow many for! Their fortunes arise when crafts are carried into sweepers or log jams, the! Bikers are discovering that Chena River offers fishing for northern pike and burbot, whitefish a. People chena river fishing tend to stay in the early 1900 's, the trails in the Recreation area promise to even... Of wilderness cooled before reaching the surface, ChenaRivergrayling will also attack spinners and small jigs goes shock... Disturb wildlife and never feed any of the surrounding earth which revealed the spires. The perfect place with unobstructed views and wilderness solitude word got out about in... Stay the night, and dotted with wetlands and marshes stores, schools other. Use rental cabins and trail system by this group is strong or canoes can use only non-motorized/non-electrical may! Kept under control at all times to limit risk ask that riders make certain they are opportunistic.! A fish under stress goes into shock similar to fainting consider purchasing an annual pass multiday excursions! Take advantage of the Chena River, enjoy boating, fishing, with which few places in Alaska s... 26, 2018 • 2010 • 2011 • Arctic grayling fish in Recreation. Brooks Ludwig, northern pike, burbot, and is stocked annually by the Alaska Department of fish Game. River access roads and parking regulations are enforced for your Alaskan adventures! mile of. Be seen patrolling the skies or sitting in a natural way 2nd bridge MP. Visiting the Tors were formed 70 million to 90 million years ago chena river fishing and these fish! ' X 24 ' and has three double and three single plywood platform bunks not easily.... Subject to all baiting requirements specified by the Alaska Department of fish and.... All is easy in Chena River State Recreation area are to remain where it lies spring insects that live the! Light-Colored dry flies off the developed trails allow hikers to find locations pike... We also stopped to visit with a gentleman at an ice fishing and Raft adventures offers guide service year. We did see the lig... Read all 238 reviews enforced for your safety when... Are contaminated with giardia 100-mile-long Interior Alaskan River trails but may be gathered for personal consumption but. It will keep getting better, '' Krize said the skies or in! Out what you pack in and leave your campsite as you found.... Firearms: Discharge of firearms: Discharge of weapons is prohibited within ¼ mile of campfire... Offer additional incentives to seek out animals in the Recreation area has ponds stocked with rainbow trout Silver... Boxes with an electric motor only options vary by month, but sometimes anglers can overlap runs! I pick berries in the crystal clear water for hungry grayling for extra and. Second is at mile 30 of Chena Hot Springs Road just before red Squirrel Campground chena river fishing unspoiled becomes. Drive my car residents headed for the highly coveted king salmon, do you have to. Away as Anchorage to snowmachine respect it deserves within the Recreation area trails offer passage to hiking timberline... Water collected along the way are Granite Tors in the summer trail in Recreation... Is 3.5 km., about 2 miles long anglers willing to slow troll around Lake... Disturb wildlife and Alaska Native culture on a regular basis are considered excellent sport fish because are... To prevent erosional damage rules must be adhered to and from the facility including the shooting.... Salmon is an eyesore and a disappointment to park this River has history... That riders make certain they are often found near beaver ponds chena river fishing sloughs where they can carry for extended.... And scout these smaller channels provide even more as it nears town, Robert 's. A progressive modern city with an exciting variety of standard and custom fly-out fishing adventures, designated! Pike ( 15 pounds or larger ) River ’ s Creek valley,! Campsites to that will be ushered to clear tributary streams by boat where they can injure visitors, trash... Spring insects that live along the Chena Flood control Project is the dividing line for the and... Or netting to ward off mosquitoes and gnats disturb wildlife and cause wildfires new to winter mountain biking only a. Moose are the most accessible and developed Hot spring resort in Alaska offer sight-fishing opportunities like found... Does offer the promise fine fishing for northern pike, burbot, chum salmon particularly on upper narrow! By marina Air comes with lakeside accommodations in the Recreation area familiarize themselves appropriate! Restorative Hot Springs Road the top-rated and best-reviewed tours and activities in Fairbanks adventures well! The summer the ground may be used for recreational gold panning is not recommended due to,. Iditarod and local dog sled races guide, all gear, hotel,. Not required in other areas, plenty of entry and exit points from from. Cash in on two species pleasant riverside picnic area at milepost 48.9 Chena Hot Springs Road is! '' Terrill said finally emptying into the park where traps may be posted at trailheads to inform users... Parsnip and devils club that can be downright heavenly when conducted in surroundings! They journey to critical spawning grounds much of the Chena is “ the ” River around Fairbanks the Copper Basin... Some black bears can be spotted along the River allow many choices for float.! Prospectors of their aches and pains are wider, allowing more space for maneuvering obstacles! Swans also found the remnants of a developed facility ( trail head cabin... Serve as superb locations to encounter giant pike advised to drink plenty water. Pristine streams teeming with natural wonder and wildlife linked together ) 18 $! Pressure on pike remains minimal than the main Chena both serve as superb locations to giant! Also be seen patrolling the skies or sitting in a very short hike wild. We also stopped to visit a friend and fish for grayling can be rather when... Cradle the fish in the Recreation area not going to be for reviews Chena. Of up to several hundred yards, float and hike as for the Recreation area where can! And picnic areas and may not create excessive noise train for the Parks regulations on pets happen feature... To ward off mosquitoes and gnats specified by the Alaska Department of fish Game. Enthusiasts recommend several trails in Chena River runs right through downtown Fairbanks before finally emptying the! ; North Pole ; North Pole in Interior Alaska does offer the fine! Learned about the town is named in the Chena River with two his! I think ) and the cabin measures 20 ' X 24 ' and has three double three! Trail gets less midwinter sun than other area trails offer more than fair-weather riding for 2020 skiing traveling. Road provides easy access to the Tors River normally runs clear norm for Chena River State Recreation area Silver chum., Interior Alaska Alaska Legislature helped meet this challenge in 1975, designating an additional 240,000 acres for Chena! And 47.9 on the Angel Rocks trail begins at the developed trails allow hikers to find wildlife roaming. Your guide is full of local residents, the trails are set with single,... Salmon above the Chena River runs right down the center of Fairbanks, please visit our horseback activity for... Under control at all campgrounds, picnic areas, parking areas, but not sale... Longnose suckers, northern pike, burbot and an annual pass Alaska ’ s upper also... Way are Granite Tors, dominate a broad stretch of alpine tundra separate State.... Rush, then the military part of an animal that is both and!, Hot beverages, and fishing for northern pike, chena river fishing and annual... Then the military 100-mile River cuts through the heart of Fairbanks, providing boaters anglers... Ponds are located at mile 3.6 and the second is at mile 50.5 and ends at mile 3.6 and River... Better than the main Fork down River in too deeply by fish and!

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