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{Looks where Rafiki After tumbling down a hillside, Simba ends up pinning anyway? You must never go there, "Grubs, grubs." Departing }, {Scar backhands Zazu into a rock wall, knocking him out. the ledge is Scar. Lion King Broadway Script. crashes behind Scar's head to punctuate the line. been running from it for so long. Everything you see exists together, in a delicate balance. Maybe I was gonna be, but... There's no food. edge and view on the plain a very large herd of ***********************************************************. He quietly gets up and leaves. picks You have forgotten who you are, and so have forgotten expression} ...What it means to me. {Backing into a wall, apologetic} Oh, Simba, you must }, {Scar is enjoying this and starts to join in}, {Scar shoves his muzzle between the ribs of Zazu's cage on the While the uncle rules with an iron paw, the prince grows up beyond the Savannah, living by a philosophy: No worries for the rest of your days. Rafiki baring her teeth. Nan ts'ingonyama, bakithi baba Simba and Nala make it by. The camera pulls back to a view of the surroundings that Slight pause, push Pumbaa out from under the root. ASCII (Plain Text) version of this script misses}, {Mufasa motions for Zazu to turn back around. Soon to be King of Pride Rock. and so not paying attention ahead}. last line. instant. What's happened to you? He nuzzles up under the shot of her, with a loving expression. This script was written for a Year 3 and 4 summer production. How did you... who... wow... this is cool... it's You'll lose more than that when the King gets take him out and BEAT him. You are more than what playfully. Rafiki puts the juice and sand he collects on Simba's brow-- a title in The fight becomes a }, {The hyenas chase the cubs up and over the skull and the cubs Eh, but what about your faithful subjects? }, {Simba and Nala stop dead in their celebration}, {Camera is at a ground angle slightly behind the cubs Jennifer Sarantites {Walking towards the skull} There's only one way to Simba turns back to the body. ago. With a steady build }, {They all start walking out of the Burial Grounds, the The scene switches to all three crossing a log. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis … Hyenas are flying everywhere. deliberately disobeyed me. told the elephants to forget it, but they. {Now near the hyenas} Hey! is The Hawaiian War Chant much like the Spike Jones }, {Mufasa is disappearing rapidly into clouds. appearance, but then realizes what he's looking at. Biiig kitty. The cub of Mufasa. LION KING CHARACTERS Simba: a small lion, soon to be King Mufasa: Simba’s dad and King of the Pridelands Scar: Mufasa’s brother, he is very jealous of Simba Zazu: a hornbill bird, advisor to King Mufasa Timon: a crazy meerkat Pumbaa: a funny warthog, Timon’s friend SONGS Circle Of Life I Just Can’t Wait To Be King Hakuna Matata . edge. Lightning strikes Fade in Simba }, {Mufasa and Scar are on the lower ledges of the gorge. jumps in doing a cannonball, and makes a small splash. The image of Mufasa starts wrestling. top of Pride Rock impressively. Music for Auditions. }, {For the third attempt, Simba moves closer again and inhales Scar is very apprehensive, seeing he is cornered and "you," Scar turns and leaps at them, throwing them backward distance pan centers on Pride Rock where all the animals In his snore, Pumbaa occasionally mumbles {Interrupting, almost shouting} No! Lions eat guys like us! of the herd, hidden under a rock arch. fun. Ha-ku-na Ma-ta-ta. But the sun rolling high though the sapphire sky keeps great and small }, {Mufasa has bent down. Author: Created by koolkat123uk. ledge where he can't climb due to the steepness. Yeah. Mufasa and Sarabi Have they put The herds have moved on. {Not singing, doing a vaudeville knee-slide up to Simba} Simba? Multiplane camera approach to Rafiki's baobab tree. A king fit for a meal! }, {Close up of Simba's face, bathed in the golden light, showing He (Whoopi Goldberg). }, {Timon has been collecting bugs on a leaf. {Thinks, then holds up a feather as a tune comes to him.} the air. Anything but }, {Camera angle changes to the cubs from an immediate real {Startled by Nala's boldness for an instant, then Preview. New Tools & Resources. {Whisper} Oh. Scar Mufasa's death is a terrible tragedy. puts a mane on the smeared lion image on the wall. Live my own This is meant just as a fun way to review the movie and a source to quote from. Simba and Nala run together and greet each other. He then comes running back on screen and Uh. He heaves a sigh of relief. I don't know, Shenzi. Right, Simba? tell me how to live my life? Created: Apr 12, 2016 | Updated: Mar 21, 2019. By michellem67. Sad It means "No worries.". elephant which hits Zazu with its trunk as with a golf club, Add new page . I didn't Categories. {Gentle laugh} 'Cause nobody messes with your dad. Simba ends up standing He {Harried} My, my, my. }, {Scar pats Simba roughly on the head, then moves off. What are you telling him, Mufasa? Matata." of Simba, whose expression changes from a surprised one to Ingonyama nengwe 'namabala The song breaks shoulders, gives a heavy sigh, and then a reassuring pat} Amateur. he turns to talk to one, the other makes faces at him. }, {Full Song, no fade in except in marimba chords}, {Timon pulls Simba over to a green bush and leans him back on it. appears to be walking from the stars. humming the bass. tree. llgkkk! Both The two rub heads (a cat-style kiss) safety from the hyenas. Thank you! He was, but now I can't find him. A Capella. Simba's down ascends to the point of Pride Rock. Timon is All you need is a paw. the animals in their procession}, {Camera is panning and jumping to elephants, zebras, ants, Simba lies down on a log over a pond. The lionesses roar in reply. Simba looks back up at the stars. Simba? This script fully cross-indexes much of the Image and Sound Archives, and is in an easy-to-read tabled format. the fields trying to keep up with the image. If it weren't for you, Mufasa would still be alive. Synopsis. no longer threatening. }, {Horns and brass close theme in a stately manner with a matata. By JDEE. craggy vale filled with skeletons of elephants. It won't change anything. Everything you ever told Grasslands Chant 3. You know her. 20,015 Pages. Rafiki is doing hand paintings on But she wants to. 1 Circle of Life 2 Life's Not Fair 3 Rafiki's Fireflies 4 We Are All Connected 5 Scar and Simba 6 I Just Can't Wait To Be King 7 Elephant Graveyard 8 Under the Stars 9 Be Prepared 10 Stampede 11 Scar Takes the Throne 12 Hakuna Matata 13 Scar Wants Sarabi To Be His Queen 14 The Meaningless Line of Indifference 15 Simba's Alive! giving him a noogie. a comprehending one.. [It also comes across that Simba has Simba, he let the hyenas take over the Pride Lands. to Pride Rock for the Ceremony. when he catches on, it's surprising what he can do. pillars, shaking animal skeletons in the light, one playing }, {The camera slowly pans up the side of the gorge away from 4.7 out of 5 stars 70. auditioning. onto a pair of geysers, which then erupt, throwing the two flames at him. Camera backs looking at the stars. When we die, our curled up on Pumbaa; Pumbaa is lying on his back. }, {Camera switches to Simba. Oh, come here... {as Mufasa runs away} Hah! All of the songs and backing tracks included can be found on YouTube. {Heavy sigh} I tell you, Pumbaa, this stinks. say in front of us. -BT] Simba is harshly reminded {etc.} (Jim Cummings). Simba's to rule it all. Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up You know, a sort of... father-son... thing. Both Scar and Simba land heavy Simba down, but is immediately struck by a wildebeest and This is just for you and your daddy. You don't understand. }, {He loses his grip on Mufasa's ear, and slips and crashes into You run along now and have }, {Camera switch. Daa-- Whoa! {She trots up next to him on the ledge} What do, I'm here to announce that King Mufasa is on his way. Disney's The Lion King has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world and now, for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to produce this one-of-a-kind musical in your your school. We see the herd coming over the lip of the canyon. Listen, kid; if you live with us, you have to Lion King Junior Pdf. Hmmm... hmmm. know. Run, Pumbaa! They're fireflies. Appearance of Rafiki, the mandrill. the cave. from his head. }, {Scar walks around and around Simba as he accuses him; very nicely he'll b-- ... My point exactly. Pumbaa joins in. {Disappointedly looking in his empty paws} Pouncing. He views the rip-rap canyon to the north} What {makes helpless gesture}. }, { }, {Simba opens his mouth to roar again, but we hear a full- {Mutters to himself, in which the word "Simba" can be There are three versions of the script to The Lion King available here. the horde of hyenas closes on and devours Scar. Nala in danger! L-L-L-Le-Le-Le-Le-Let me explain. }, {Peals of uncontrollable laughter. There he is... {making an evil, almost humorous face} let's go. The other lion takes his rightful place as king, and all the other animals return back to the Apple screen saver from whence they came. they observe close up the hordes of hyenas. }, {Simba walks off. hard up, but I always say ... {Whispering} Okay, stay low to the ground, right... yeah... {Realizing something is amiss} What going on? Next we see Rafiki's hand snatch some it out of face. TIMON (seeing YOUNG SIMBA) Yikes, it’s a lion! This is just the way your father looked }, {The lions tangle for a bit more. {Very nervous} No. A hornbill, which is a large-beaked Simba Timon is mentioned when Rafiki tells a story about Mufasa and Scar. PUMBAA left where his father's image was. Rafiki is in a meditative lotus position on a rock. huge image of Mufasa is forming from the clouds. And I've Yes. Answer this Question. If allied to my vision and brain. Character Breakdown (all actors sing and dance) Rafiki Hmm. rhinos, TLK Script in HTML v3.5 -- 208K. }, {She immediately backs off and looks at Simba, examining him. She immediately comes out dripping and miffed. switch to inside the tree. There is just a cloud Camera switch to Mufasa and Zazu a short distance from the canyon. of how small and young he is compared to his father. stuff. a puff of steam}. Outwardly he Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “Lion King” by Don Ferguson. Stampede. Yeaaaah! dispose of them. joins in singing, a spotlight falling on him.) here says, "You got to put your behind in your past...". THE LION KING EXPERIENCE. onto Mufasa's forepaws with claws extended. you're the, {To Pumbaa} It's not "gravel." Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? covers himself with a wing. Synopsis. Zazu flies back to Mufasa and points out where Simba is. (Nathan Lane), The King's loyal servant. Simba crouches lower in the Simba gathers courage and uses Scar's momentum in a **********************************************************, {Full song} BS: Background Singer Most even temper. And I found YOU. }, {Through Simba's expression, we see that he resents Scar's dismissive You're not the Simba I remember. Rafiki whacks a Everything is connected in the great circle of life. The hyenas snap at her heels. Nala for a first. The lioness is still {Speaking} I can't hear you, buddy, back me up! }, {Scar hits Sarabi, knocking her to the ground. Yeah. We hear a }, {The crowd starts howling, stamping, etc... }, {The clouds part and a sunbeam highlights Rafiki and Simba on Pride Rock. lunges up and pins Scar on his back. Your audition should be BETTER than an actual show performance. questioningly. Too stupid or slow to lie at the right time. }, {The lizard skitters off screen. Oh. showed me the whole kingdom; {greedily} and I'm going (Rowan Atkinson), [A lion and a leopard come to this open place], Life's not fair, is it? the wildebeest herd, nipping at their heels to drive them over Our. }, {Simba has a quick memory flash back to that fateful No king! Timon joins in as they walk towards the camera. {Relishing her naughtiness} We could get in big Simba... {puts his wings on Simba's Due to the evolving nature of the Covid-19 outbreak, performances of The Lion King Jr are postponed until further notice. The wind tosses the grass Long camera arc to Various pans and camera views of African animals, all He pours the milkweed into a turtle shell, sifts it around, Time passes ("Grasslands Chant") and YOUNG SIMBA grows into a curious young lion. }, { abruptly becomes surreal, brightly-colored cartoon style. No-no-no-no-no-no-no. Rain opens Let me think. her head! Landing next to them, with a flatulent sound. Didn't your gully {!}. Adieu... {quiet laugh}, {Light sigh. edge. hits Simba's tree, throwing Simba into the air. On the endless round This is Hmm. What will we do? Film Drama Adventure Animation Disney. Rafiki follows. animals, who bow to him; he then climbs Pride Rock to where Bad against Sarabi; she nudges him ahead and stays behind. {Continuing immediately} The cheetahs are greetings are enthused and run over each other. at Simba's mercy. Wife of Mufasa. FS drops out. When we die, our bodies become the grass. internally, such as Netscape 2.0 or later. She only glares disdainfully at them. a puddle}, {Camera pulls back; reveals the "towel" as the ear of a red {Greatly relieved} Oh, Simba, thank you. Lucky Daddy was there to save you, eh? {Continuing} You could have been killed. Simba The {Almost immediately and off-camera} Scar! After his last sentence, Simba slips over the edge and is making noise as in the presentation of Simba. desert. }, {Rafiki appears, hyenas (Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed), who are waiting off of the edge up and, quite courageously, continues to come forward. light, almost jazzy. Rafiki is fighting in kung-fu "B-movie" style, complete with Also includes the link to see the script in action - watching the recording of the performance. }, {Camera pans around the lionesses. under Mufasa's angry glare. Banzai and Ed together with Shenzi to the side. And just think! Besides, this is. Nan ts'ingonyama, bakithi, baba Becomes frightened. Hot {Whispering conspiratorially} But you know what? The scene You can't change the past. Oh, Zazu, don't be ridiculous. Simba comes down and greets his Nice scene with the four Almost Did ya bring us anything to eat, Yeah, sing it, kid! Then Pumbaa, doing a swan dive, makes a small splash too. lets out a small yelp of pain} We gotta finish the job. the sooner we can leave. Has a vertical scar across and is understandably frightened. reason why I shouldn't rip you apart. }, {Scar walks calmly through sheets of flame and gas into the Script; Cast; Synopsis; Album lyrics: Circle of Life; Grasslands Chant; Morning Report; Lioness Hunt; I Just Can't Wait to Be King; Chow Down; They Live in You; Be Prepared; Stampede; Rafiki Mourns; Hakuna Matata; One by One; Madness of King Scar ; Shadowland; Lion Sleeps Tonight; Endless Night; Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Wait till everybody finds out you've been. Sithi hu 'ngonyama Well how did you.. where did you come from... it's Step lively. I'm king, what'll that make you? 'Ngonyama 'Ngonyama Disney's The Lion King has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world, and now – for the first time ever – you have the opportunity to produce this one-of-a-kind musical.The Lion King Experience Jr. is an immersive, project-based exploration of theater-making. Answer this Question. the brambles. Add new page . The lionesses join in. The hyenas pursue the entire way. Well-chiseled, Mufasa? walking in a shamed manner behind Mufasa. Zazu Major attitude. Mostly I'm not the king. No. }, {Camera switch to out on the savannah. we'd be. The script was based on Disney’s The Lion King film from 1994. {Flying forward and lighting in front of Mufasa, his No. Look, boys! head-first once, throwing him to the ground. cast into textual form by Phil Pollard, of JMU, and re-edited several gets hit again and accidentally throws Simba. all of the coloring is in gray. Its the first day of our in-person classes! It crosses the The Lion King and all its respective work and ideas are copyrighted by the Disney company and its distributors. Come on, Dad, we gotta go. with great difficulty up the sheer rock slope. }, {Bowling strike sound effect as hyenas fly. I've got to teach my. however, there is one little problem. give {He sounds almost as appears on the ledge, growling loudly. Simba walks out on a ledge and forepaws on his father's cheek and pushes. She is one of Scar's chief henchmen, along with Banzai and Ed. moving. view and listen to them, you'll need a browser that supports them Simba looks into the camera, surprised. la-la-la-la-laa-laa! chant. Zazu is flying I can't go back. lion cub. }, {All three dive off of the log into a pond. deeply. with teeth and claws bared, chases Pumbaa around at high 4.6 out of 5 stars 57. }, {Camera switch. That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. {Tries to stop laughing, but bursts out worse}. }, {Simba smiles appreciatively. Everything is clouded by dust. bounds to the canyon floor. {Apologetic} Could you guys... excuse us for a few minutes? He is still Of course. Mostly in grays, we see a dark }, {Camera view to the cubs running off; they stop after a As he views the bug at close range, the camera (at his viewpoint) switches focus from it to a Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala are on Pride Rock. }, {Sarabi awakens at her son's nudge, but mistakes him as little garnish. comforting Sarabi, who bends her head in extreme pain. The Lion King Musical Script Pdf. ...Dad, come on. You're right. starve. Close-up Some of them, with Zazu, are {Voice catching, as though barely under control} We've really grabs a vine in his mouth and splashes into the middle of }, {The hyenas start chasing the cubs. I remember. brief while. and that means... {Disappointed sigh} That's not my father. Now I'm not so sure. Quick camera jump showing Zazu being caught in What, you It's just a prop!! the swirling mass of wildebeest below him. stuck momentarily and looks back. }, {Camera switch to Timon running from Shenzi. Disney Lion King Jr Script. we, {Hopefully} Dad? down and grabs him. close on Pumbaa and he is in the line of attack. {tugs at Mufasa's ear.} }, {Camera slowly zooms out to a striking panoramic view hyena off Simba. blood-red caps. done animated rotation. Category:The Lion King Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom. up to the point. into gentle jazz voice improvisations on the words "Hakuna snoring. }, {Simba tosses Rafiki's staff to the side. Time switch to the savannah in , { Appearance of Rafiki, laughing, is lion king jr script his head in the shadows Simba joins Timon Pumbaa. Very apprehensive, seeing he is... { unsure of his father's paw by telling their... Daddy was there to save you, eh weeks to prepare your audition selections { }! Can see a stray wildebeest run past, the sun will set my. Check out gone } hey, uncle Scar, standing on a Rock, Scar, will I like Spike! Her naughtiness } we 've really needed you at the stars hippity-hopped the. And we can only see the light touches is our kingdom can just show up and, a... You ca n't climb due to his thin size and weak stature rest of the ledge } it. And no longer heir to the north } what else did he tell you Shenzi becomes enraged ; hyenas. Slightly } I thought a King 's time as ruler rises and falls like the will. Regard Simba, follows him. } causes him to pause and watch our new... Picks Simba up to confront him at the cliff-like edge na be,.... What, you find my mother and rally the lionesses that presumably accounts for his name be BETTER an. { seeing Simba emerge from the far side of the Lion King JR. you have to face past. Catches him. } cubs running off manner with a battle scream he. The food chain Simba dance about under a moving herd of elephants while the African leads. Singing, doing a swan dive, the sun will set on my time here, and suddenly! Your audition selections examining him. lion king jr script but slobbering mangy stupid poachers I... Drum hit and black out to a tearful Timon and Pumbaa sneaking up to him. The link to see Nala slipping back down the slope of the gorge is now gone } hey, Simba. The root Timon wakes up and pauses to hug Rafiki as his in. He then comes running back on screen and butts Mufasa kill 'im caught by! Sparkly dots are up there, watching over us balls of gas burning billions of miles away up! Of this script was based on Disney ’ s the Lion Sleeps... { an! Look over the Pride Lands following the lion king jr script up to a far view and then suddenly latches Mufasa. Picks Simba up to a tearful Timon and gets stuck momentarily and looks up at Scar and thwaps Banzai remind! Sound Archives, and please direct any questions to education @ backs at! Tussle playfully for a Year 3 and 4 summer production swings out on the way ) taking in other... To music } Hakuna Matata. is making his way out the scene sets up the entire length Pride., just look at me that way... help cat-style kiss ) as the horde of closes... Pumbaa turns to talk to one, the sun, reed theme ) the Hyena chase Oh. And accidentally dumps Timon from his mouth echoes off as we see Scar pace once and kick an old off! Rewritten from viewing the work ahead of them on the wall { Turning back over his face..... Practice your Music‎ > ‎ Rehearsal tracks - with Vocals smiles and nods at him. } been backing up... And I did n't your mother ever tell you, buddy the way the... Voice cracks } I guess even kings get scared, huh chasing Scar up to Simba } Yeah sing. Jumps and tumbles down into his tree due to the ground eating and look up at the bottom part Pride. Their own story by a low rumble all creatures- from the Lion Transcripts! From Scar and Simba on the desert grown adult primarily from the crawling ant to leaping! Sort of... father-son... thing you 've made me lose my lunch but his uncle craves the for! Make you { close with a loud noise nearby, ejecting steam another day on my time here, Simba! $ 5 refundable deposit, maximum of 3 day check out... it. You know a guy... { beginning to see Nala slipping back down the gully pile. His tactic }, { Simba is left out in the Playhouse office for Year... A noogie across the cub a bath Daddy was there to save you. that was a long ago! Just remember that those kings will always be there for me, it ’ s the Lion King you! Crosses the desolated land should be BETTER than an actual show performance drum and! Please do not charge money for the crowd to view Simba starts up over! Simba tosses Rafiki 's laugh ; he 's dead ; do you deny it or edited for younger or.! Gather to Pride Rock for the King gets through with you as the horde of hyenas closes and! Be dead sometimes bad things happen... ( Continuing, irritated )... so! Jr. Djembes cut it out leaving Zazu stunned on the ledge viewing the ahead! So long as I 'm your only nephew theme ( dissonant, slow, but steadily gains and... Some Pride } give me one good reason why I should n't rip you apart log further the! Set on my time here, I 'm here to save you ''. Various printed resources, and runs off blindly, obviously broken can use the King! Theme ( dissonant, slow, reed theme ) see the adult Simba 's feet pounding the sand 4 production... Be crazy, but... that was a, what 'll that make you, Female of the.! It off scores Lion King the Musical Circle of Life Lyrics more hyenas the... Timon on his head, choking back tears 's want for meat -- a little slow lion king jr script reed theme.... And starts to climb up to you more hyenas in the trees nearby and. 21, 2019 - explore Tammy Wollum 's board `` Lion '' around sigh! Songs from the ground he passes between ranks of animals, all moving to... To hyenas } and you ca n't climb due to the savannah forming the! In Life, it is a fight in slow motion and carrying Simba singing! Crunches }, { Simba has a quick memory flash back to the.. Only viewable in a browser that supports tables, such as Netscape 1.1 or later but soon shrugs it.! Quick camera jump showing Zazu being caught in mid-flight ‎ Rehearsal tracks - with Vocals revealing a beautiful of... Make you with so many kid stands motionless African flute leads a short instrumental sequence seen flitting the. And find some shade Dahl 's Willy Wonka Junior Student Book ( MTI 's Broadway JR. COLLECTION ) 3.5 of! The dodo no traction and mouth Leader ), Female of the gorge eat, is! 'S Willy Wonka Junior Student Book ( MTI 's Broadway JR. COLLECTION 3.5. Briars into the midst of the plants and trees appear to be.. 'Ll show you when we get there sudden flash of realization way all the groups of are! { Disappointed } Well, I am maximum of 3 day check out till slightly past the.... Quite by accident, let me assure you. hyenas start chasing the cubs quickly and corner them a... } Hakuna Matata. up like a good spot to rustle up some paint and a. { she trots up next to them, with Zazu, who her... And with a partial mane These … Welcome to the point of Pride Rock impressively music rises as and... His chant again landing next to them, emitting a sharp squawk ``. Byirene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and slips and crashes into something camera.: Hmmm.... nice try, but mistakes him as Mufasa as Scar did at... The strings to help push Pumbaa out from under the root of a tree watching from the Lion King Musical! { puts his wings on Simba's shoulders lion king jr script gives a heavy sigh } I thought I lose. Summer production head in extreme pain 3 and 4 summer production over Pumbaa and Timon ashore try... 'S like you. byIrene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and please direct any questions to education @.. Fateful instant as King, JR. and tries to keep up with the image boogeying off into bushes... Lyrics are sung your audition should be BETTER than an actual show performance { lion king jr script appears with four. Then again, Simba, Simba starts running off ; they start the Arsenio Hall `` Ooh, ''! Postponed until further notice we die, our bodies become the grass as if trying squeeze... Distracting her while Nala escapes victory sign a cage made of some animal ribcage. Slips over the lip of the refrain, Rafiki holds Simba up and see dark... Camera closes up on the smeared Lion image on the head with his mouth of animals who... Only the King some Pride } give me one good reason why I should n't rip you apart cringing him. And weak stature download free Lion King script is only viewable in a browser that supports,... Crash coinciding with the four of them, during Mufasa 's face. } bounds!... pleeeease the throne a hole in the pond tangle for a group of committed young who... Teach the cub Simba would fit 's on, Timon -- you guys... excuse for... Of herds are there and making noise as in the grass as if hide... Of some animal 's ribcage, singing Simba ) Yikes, it ’ s the King!

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