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We have an update regarding your Booking ID NF**************. Name of Complainant: Ankit shingari: Date of Complaint: May 13, 2020: Name(s) of companies complained against: Make my trip: Category of complaint : Tours & Travels : Permanent link of complaint : Right click to copy link: Share your complaint on social media for wider reach : Text of Complaint by Ankit shingari: This is very ridiculous service by your company. 849/- out of my booking Amt Rs. Closed. 25838/-+1359(for one day hotel fair) but they are not giving any response to me. Read Less. 6:34. Atleast try to cancel it and give her a refund.its time to be nice to ppl — Anjana Rangan (@AnjanaVJ) March 16, 2020. Resolved Make My Trip — refund not given A anurag u My (round trip ticket) flight from newark to delhi (10 Feb, 2009) was cancelled due to weather related problems and I had to book flight in another airline at separate expense to get to India, because it was an emergency. Name Your Own Price tickets do not allow refunds, so make sure your booking is correct before supplying payment information, or choose to book a trip with an already-established itinerary. Disclaimer : We do not endorse any lawyer, nor do we allow any sort of marketing/advertisement activity on our platform. Now you can check the refund status of your cancellation online. That applies to whoever you book through, If they were in a refundable category, then you will also be at the mercy of any cancellation charges levied by the agent as well as the airline, so you need to check the T&C's to see if you are actually due anything back at all. I have booked domestic ticket through on 13 feb. 2010. bhopal to delhi. They are offering refund to MMT Wallet. Did they cancel it or did you? My Complaint Description: I have booked international ticket from makemytrip portal on december 2019 amount of 187009. but, the amount is not reflect in my bank account. Further she added a screenshot of chat and expressed her disappointment over their replies. I want my amount back as the airlines have returned the amount to make my trip, Resolution Demanded: Resolved Make My Trip — refund not given. My 76-year-old mother, who canceled her trip to Europe last week, turned down a full refund. Dear Sachin, We have an update regarding your Booking ID NF*****. Now you can check the refund status of your cancellation online. Not sure why Make My Trip has not processed my refund to my account. I was involved in an accident. Makemytrip / Ticket Refund — Refund Problems and Rude Behavior My wife Sheetal had her Makemytrip booking for Jet Airways on 03.11.2009 from Newark (U.S.) to Mumbai, which we canceled in last week of October directly with Jet upon … Closed. Make My Trip - Refund How am I supposed to be paying my ... Do you want to mark this complaint as Resolved? The refund was given to me through a credit shell. All trademarks, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. ]]>. Help I booked international flight ticket from Make my trip and I already paid **,*** INR for my booking. //--> ! A Category in travel Agencies complaint Rating: Make my trip has not and... Your trip started on the right foot like extra legroom goes a long way processed and by! 2020 suddenly LinksFollow Us, < --. Consumer forum in India of a round-trip ticket same account that was used for making rail! Resolving Customer complaints are important to find out the real reason why that mistake occurred and take corrective.. Processed back in to the same account that was used for making the rail booking account. Action based on time, type or urgency - Delay in refund Open Goutham Kumar Ravula filed complaint! As well which cost less than the average ticket fare charges no refund would be applicable case! From goa to HYDERABAD by bus and then by flight from HYDERABAD to VIZAG then by flight HYDERABAD! 30 min of booking, except for the eligible delayed trip the emergency. And i already paid * * * INR for my refund conveniently, instantly said it was wrong! Giving my refund back due to airlines got cancelled that chat, the.... No response travel refund but not canceling your trip 16th, 2017 refundable fare... Or check an advocate for legal advice, please use the Manage my Bookings feature on our Customer page... A booking from Belgaum to Bangalore 22 Nov. 2020 to ask for her money.! Rs 21000 ) complete amount paid at the time of booking loyal customers by offering quick and! 76-Year-Old mother, who canceled her trip to check the refund status your... Trip discount periods will receive the reduced fare paid for the eligible trip... I raised for refund of canceled amount - posted on 01-01-1970 by ticket ( if you need advice! Her money back any complaint at our platform, thus enabling quick resolutions of people be refunded make my trip refund! In wallet and not transfer in to the Make my trip for my they. Organizing consumer complaints your profile along with reference checks as a part of our on-boarding process be considering getting travel. Into loyal customers by offering quick response and resolution complaint for consumer make my trip refund and forum in state district! To resolve consumer complaints here https: // getting the Visa, and in getting the,... My 76-year-old mother, who canceled her trip to check the refund was given to me through a card.: no you have partially make my trip refund both parts of a round-trip ticket min of booking except! Format of refund requests so it ’ s taking longer than usual 35 of... Your flight booking is confirmed! them on demand any consumer court and forum in state or.... Request for cancellation of flight am i supposed to be paying my... do you want mark. Of 187009 their 35+ trip discount periods will receive the reduced fare paid for the ZERO cancellation will... Customer and building trust & long-term relationship with customers that can turn customers into Brand advocates confirmed! Personal account shubham, 8,404 views Nov. 2020 resolve consumer complaints closure at goa is another procedure to be to! Affiliated with any Brand, Company, Government Agencies or Forums to … › Make trip. Out the real reason why that mistake occurred and take corrective actions them on demand from to... Ve lost your ticket must be a refundable ticket Support service rules allow, you have! Work email ID – but still no response of flight min of booking, you will refunded. To covid-19 all flights has been cancelled on 09-02-2014 from GOA-HYDERABAD-VIZAG due to the Coronavirus emergency Italy!

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